WATCH: Counter-Protesters Burn Trump Flags, Attack Trump Supporters At ‘Million MAGA March’ | The Daily Caller

Counter-protesters against the "Million MAGA March" in Washington, D.C. set fire to Trump flags, hats and pro-police paraphernalia Saturday evening.
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WATCH: Antifa Accosts Women, Children, Elderly, and Restaurant-Goers After MAGA March

Antifa and BLM wasted no time in accosting women, children, families, and the elderly after the Million MAGA March on Saturday.
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Breaking! US Army & German Forces Seize US Election Servers in Germany! CIA Cut Out! Esper Out! Green Beret Chris Miller Horse Soldier Hero In! -Jeffrey Prather Must Video | Military | Before It’s News

Yes this came out late Friday night. Louie Gohmert on Newsmax was first to mention and was picked by thelibertydaily )dot( com as well. Now Scytl website has crashed but they claimed the raid didn’t happen. Curious. If the DOJ allows this theft of democracy to occur in the USA there will be NO trust at all in their ability for the Biden government to provide Truth, Justice and the American way of life in the USA. The only decision to save the country will have to come from the US Supreme Court. They will have to declare the total voting process for the 2020 presidential election was a act of Treason and declare it unconstitutional?
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NM patriots join in national ‘Stop the Steal’ rally with huge pro-Trump events held across the state

On Saturday, New Mexicans joined in on the national “Stop The Steal” rallies being held in Washington D.C., and other places around the
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Mike Lindell Leads Powerful Prayer At #MarchForTrump In DC: “Please reveal all the corruption and fraud in this election and show everyone your will” [VIDEO]

Mike Lindell Leads Powerful Prayer At #MarchForTrump In DC: “Please reveal all the corruption and fraud in this election and show everyone your will”
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Don’t call Maria Bartiromo a conspiracy theorist — or else

Unlike well-known journalists like Megyn Kelly, Lara Logan, Glenn Greenwald, Sharyl Attkisson, Trish Regan and others who’ve either been fired from their jobs, or quit in disgust, for not toeing the mainstream line, Bartiromo sits securely atop her big perch at Fox Business.
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