New Fauci Emails Reveal Lab Leak Cover-Up Happening in Real Time

Infowars: There’s a War on for your Mind!
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Top Virologist Who Voted For COVID Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization DIES SUDDENLY

Dr. A. Oveta Fuller, 67, associate professor of microbiology at University of Michigan, died from an unknown illness ‘unrelated to COVID’ Friday.
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Kevin McCarthy Calls on DHS Chief Mayorkas to Resign or Face Possible Impeachment Inquiry (VIDEO)

Kevin McCarthy Calls on DHS Chief Mayorkas to Resign or Face Possible Impeachment Inquiry (VIDEO)
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USA pulled out all the stops for the 1980 ‘Miracle;’ will NM Republicans do the same?

Thank you all for running for office. It was exhausting work, knocking on doors, writing letters, and making calls; thank you. Thank you for
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